Saturday, January 3, 2009

FUTURE PLANS - On the road continued

Here we are in the new year and Maynard and I are on the road already. We're currently in San Francisco enjoying a day of sun after a miserably cold and wet yesterday. Last night we signed bottles at a Whole Foods store in San Fran, today is Oakland and tomorrow is Cupertino.

People have been flying across the country to attend our bottle signing events and I have been receiving a lot of emails asking if we're going to venture into different parts of the country. There are dozens more Whole Foods Market's throughout North America, many of which sell wine. In 2009, we're going to try to hit as many as possible.

We currently have plans to be in Tucson next week and then Fresno, Petaluma an Sacramento at the end of February.

I am currently discussing events with the folks in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. We also have a call in to Washington and Oregon and the Midwest, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast are more distant targets.

So...if you would like us to come - please let the store manager at the Whole Foods Market near you know that you would like to see it happen!




ShoppingKharma said...

I would like to start first by saying "Thank you" for being at the Whole Foods signing bottles. We actually were the shy couple who wanted so much to say more to you in how we appreciate you both being there.

We both just celebrated 6 years of survival of Advanced Ovarian Cancer (same exact cancer that killed Gilda Radner and our new President's mother. Well right after I got diagnosed; my husband and I married just 2 days before my first chemo treatment.

I wanted to let both of you know that both two bottles we got signed today will hold true and special for both of us as we plan to enjoy the Nachise on our lucky 7 year anniversary (Dec. 3, 2009) and of course the Chupacabra for our 10 years survival and 10 year wedding anniversary.

My husband wore his Leinenkugel's Hockey jersey hoping you might recognize the Midwestern hometown beer. He also graduated HS the same year as you Maynard; and he did his 4 years in the Army (border patrol on the DMZ in Korea) Anyway, we also wanted to send our good vibes to both of you and we hope we can visit or you can visit us soon! You are more than welcome here! We mean no harm; just Peace & Love!)

Javi said...

I was so excited to hear that you guys were coming to Fresno. I first tasted your 2004 Vino del Barrio in 2006 when I went to your Page Springs Cellar. That was before the AZ laws changed for shipping to California. I had to say it was very worth the trip. I ended up buying several bottles of it as well as a bottle of the 2004 Caduceus Nagual de la Naga. Since then the laws have changed which has allowed me to order online some of the 2005 Chupacabra's and Nagual del Sensei. And now having the Winemaker (Eric) and partner (Maynard) come to Fresno is even more exciting. I was wondering are you guys going to be signing only the Arizona Vineyard bottles or will it be allowed to take perhaps a bottle of either Page Springs or the Caduceus, even thought that one doesn't really have a label but is imprinted. Cant wait to see you guys.

Gregory said...

Please, come to Texas swiftly! Dallas in particularly. This would make good sense ..................for me, of course. I live across the street from the first, so therefore, the best, Dallas location (Lower Greenville Avenue). Can't wait to savor the flavors of AZ Stronghold. Thank you real hard!

nate o said...

I would love to have you guys come out to the store in overland park ks, i would love to meet you all and have such an excellent memoir. thank you for producing such good wines.

clwriter said...

Thanks for coming to Petaluma! Some of the people in the line (over 400!) credited Maynard with keeping the rain off us... I don't know about that, but I think the Whole Foods staff did a pretty good job of getting all of us through there. The longest I've stood in line to get something signed, ever! I usually go to book signings, not wine events (do you guys ever read Derrick Jensen's books? you should check him out). It's going to be fun opening up those bottles next time my kids get home from their respective colleges, maybe do a little blind tasting thing: see if we can tell which one came from Arizona. I am half expecting the wine to taste like something from Spain because of the varieties but we'll just have to see! Hope the rest of Feb. and March offer just the right amount of sun, rain, and cold to make next season's grapes the best ever! Always the best from Catherine (the lady in the pink hat)

Robert Kirkwood said...


Thank you so much for visiting Denver. The crowd was crazy.

There were some people who were actually there for the wine. i wanted to thank you personally and that is why i came. the security was so crazy that i really didnt get to say anything.

So thanks for all the good wine. I am sad there is no Tazi anywhere.

I am working on getting a grant for a wine bar in Laramie, Wyoming. Prospects look good since there is no wine bar here and it is the only college town in Wyoming.

I will server your wine!

By the way did you ever find the laminated map i sent of the whole Verde Valley? If not i will resend you one.

Peace and Good fortune in all that you do. I love the wine!



The map is on the wall in my office. THANKS!


Robert Kirkwood said...


I just found out our Wyoming Wine distributor carries Page Springs, i wonder if we can get them ot carry Arizona Strongholds? i am working on openign a wine bar in Laramie, Wyoming. i am going to serve Page Springs wine for sure. Wyoming has a strange way they do wine. we can only get what is on the distributor list. well hope all is well!