Friday, February 13, 2009


“The other 46” is a term commonly associated with states not known for their wine production. California, Oregon, Washington and New York have established themselves as consistent producers of quality wines considered “world class”.

The wine industry is growing and wine is currently produced in all 50 states. This is an exciting time in many places, and in my opinion, none more-so than Arizona.

Having left the east coast, and the fifth largest wine producing state (Virginia), I was astounded by the quality of the wines being grown and made here in Arizona. From “new world” Zinfandels to classic Rhone style Syrahs and blends, Bordeaux like Cabs and Merlots to Sangioveses that rival those found anywhere, the potential this state offers is immense.

Arizona's microclimates are as diverse as it's population, and that's what makes this place so unique and exciting. We've barely begun to scratch the surface of vineyard and varietal exploration here, but the wines are already garnering the respect and attention of top critics; a fact reflected by recent scores and praises rarely seen in “the other 46”. Heading up that exploration is an enthusiastic, farsighted and overachieving team of professionals who are committed to making “the other 45” a reality.

Enjoy a bottle of your favorite Arizona wine tonight, or lay some down in the cellar, knowing that the wines are only going to get better.

Daniel Sweeney (ASV Production Manager)


Brian Kirby said...

I'm hearing great things about the growing Arizona Wine Industry. Any recommendations? I host The Other 46 wine blog and would love to feature some of Arizona's best!

Daniel said...

Sure, I have several recommendations, but it depends on what you're after. For a lighter Italian style red with some interesting spice and earth notes give Mangus a try with your favorite home cooked meal. If you'd like something a little more robust with great tannins give Nachise a try with your favorite French cheeses or on its own. You might have trouble locating a bottle of Tazi at the moment, but if you can find some try pairing it with lightly peppered fish or a fresh green cucumber/citrus salad.

Outside of the wines we have to offer check out those from our sister winery Page Springs Cellars... They're doing some awesome things with Rhone varietals. La Serrana is a great Viognier that will please on it's own or before/during a light meal. If you're looking for reds or to do a flight tasting try any of the Syrahs, Grenaches or Petit Syrahs they currently offer.

Let us know what you think!

Daniel said...

Whoops, forgot to mention the PSC Mourvedre' This stuff is world class!

Gastronome Roaming Gnome said...