Thursday, March 6, 2008

TAZI Comes into the WORLD by Eric G

The smell of Malvasia and Riesling filled the room. Whirring generator. Whistling vacuum. Clanking bottles. Pounding Corks. Spinning foils. Auto lick labels. Sliding full bottles of the tastiest white wine. Stacking. Stacking.

We bottled TAZI today - our white blend of Arizona Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay and Malvasia Bianca. This was the first bottling for Arizona Stronghold Vineyards, and it was, frankly, a bitch of a day...

The glamorous foiled and embossed labels had a really hard time finding their way onto our bottles (the ones that did get on there looked sweet though!), we had problems with one of the vacuum solenoids on the corker (before a cork gets compressed and pushed into the neck of the bottle, a vacuum sucks all their air out of the bottle in a split second), and the corks themselves had problems.
But...we pushed through with our wine based philosophy ("What's best for the Wine?"). We made some changes and adjustments, switched some switches, toggled some toggles, drank a beer or two and made it through the fist day.

The wine kicks. I can't wait to think of all the people out there who are going to try this wine, saying to themselves "I Can't believe this is from Arizona!" Sahwheet!


Online RSVP said...
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Lisa Lamphere said...

I am so excited to experience the taste of my beloved Arizona! I go to the Jerome/Sedona area on an almost consistent basis and for the past few years I haven't headed back to Mesa without dropping in to Page Springs Vineyards. I just want to say thank you.


Thanks Lisa!

Heather Davis said...

I'm so excited about this new endeavor- the more wine, the better.
Tazi sounds delightful- I see a trip up north in my near future.
Good luck fellas! Thank you for tickling my tastebuds and giving me an excuse to get out of the valley.